Onboarding Information

New Hires

The following tasks are awaiting action in your Workday Inbox. To ensure compliance with federal regulations and activation of your direct deposit, complete them all as early as possible. Your onboarding is complete only when your Inbox is empty. 

  • To Do: Complete Part 2 of Form I-9.
    • Federal regulations and University policy for Form I-9 require you to present documents no later than the third business day after you begin work. 
      (Lists of Acceptable Documents
    • This task is a reminder to present your documentation for Form I-9 and only requires you click "Submit,but you must present your documents either electronically or in person for the task to be complete in Workday.
  • Demographic and Contact Data
  • Change Emergency Contacts
  • Review Document - Payroll Payment Acknowledgement
  • Disability Self-identification
  • Veteran Status Identification
  • Payment Election Enrollment Event
  • Review Document - Participation Agreement
  • Personal Information Change
  • Preferred Name Change
  • Home Contact Change
  • Complete Form I-9 (Must be completed on or before your first day of work.)

    Non-Resident Aliens

    In addition to the documents you present for Form I-9, you need to bring the following to complete your record:

    • I-94 Card (Arrival/Departure Record)
    • Unexpired Picture Passport – if extended, please include page that shows extension
    • Immigration Document (select one of the forms listed below)
      • I-20 for F-1 Visa
        • If on OPT, include page 3 showing the OPT dates
      • DS-2019 for J-1 Visa
      • I-797 for H-1 Visa
      • I-485 for Permanent Residency
    • Employment Authorization Document (EAD) Card, if applicable
      • Optional Practical Training (OPT)
      • Pending Permanent Residency
      • J-2, M-1 may work with EAD Card